Cognitive Psychotherapist / EMDR Therapist

As a therapist, I like to work in collaborative way with my clients working toward the goals they set, I tend to be quite relaxed and quite informal in my style and want individuals to feel that they can relax in the therapy environment.

Originally from Shropshire (very close to the border of North Wales) I have settled in Hampshire after moving here with my previous job. I currently work part time as a Nurse Therapist at Headley Court and have set up Pathways Health Group in which I work the rest of my time. I live with my partner and our array of pets!

I chose to set up Pathways Health Group as I felt that there was the opportunity to provide therapy and nursing support in the community and with the nurses I have worked with, there is a need and want to work with the patient in a holistic manner and that’s what I wanted to achieve from Pathways.


My core professional background is in Mental Health Nursing. I have been a registered nurse for 10 years and prior to that I was a Nursing Assistant in a mental health environment. It is all I have ever worked with and known and I love it.

For the past 9 years, I have been working as an Occupational Nurse Therapist in the Royal Air Force. I have worked in a community setting for this time and have carried my own patient caseload in which I completed assessment and treatment and ensured occupational considerations were met. During my time in service I also deployed to Afghanistan as part of the Field Mental Health Team and was the point of contact for all mental health of the deployed personnel on operations. Although I have loved my time serving in the RAF I chose to leave and try new challenges.

Professional Qualifications

DipHE Registered Nurse (Mental Health) 2007
Eye Movement Desensitising Reprocessing Therapy Levels 1,2&3 2010
BSc(Hons) Defence Nursing 2012
PGDip Evidence based psychological treatments 2016